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Technical Software

The above technical software pictures are reflection of live commodity market

12000 /-Rs For 3 Months/Quarterly


Live Trading

Investing in Markets directly and making a profit is not everyone’s cup of tea at least in part because after your day job u have little energy to make an in-depth study into the ups and downs of the markets. Therefore such task is learnt only when u join our live trading room with experienced traders. Whenever time permits join the trading room and start trading with risk management. Lear how markets behave and how to adopt your emotion towards markets.

Important Points
  • Always remember markets are easy to enter but money making is tough
  • Never invest without risk calculation
  • Open account, Invest less and start slow to experience the market
  • Technical charts help u in market understanding
Advantages of Derivative Markets
  • Online market, where every Indian citizen can open a trading account and start trading
  • Only a system is required to start trading
  • In derivative market there are two ways to make money
  • When market falls u can make money and when markets goes up u can make money
  • Trade Timings starts at 9 am:11.30 pm .Monday to Friday